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Tracy Turner, a spiritual intuitive and clairvoyant medium has been talking to angles and those on the other side for more than 40 years.

At the age of Nine, Tracy began to get messages from the other side and finally broke down and spoke to an intuitive nun about the voices, the angels, and the astral travel (out of body experiences). The nun told Tracy not to be afraid and reassured her that her unusual experiences were gifts from God. The nun also told Tracy she would use these gifts all her life to help others find their spirituality and to all others to communicate with loved ones from the other side. A confirmation to that was when Tracy's grandfather passed over. He came and spoke his good-byes to her before anyone else had told her he had passed over.

At the age of 19, Tracy had a near-death experience while giving birth to her son, Josh. Tracy also shared the gift of life with her father by giving him a kidney. Allowing her father to live a extra two years longer than expected. During the surgery she had another out of body experience.These experiences have been confirmations of the gifts she has been given and the new dimensions her angels have brought her to see. Through the guidance of her guardian angle, Claire, Tracy realized she wanted to grow with her talents and she now lives to honor the spiritual experience. Tracy also has a gift to help those in making the journey to the the other side, feel safe and loved in their passing. This gift is well received by both patient and family members; in time of honor instead of grief.

Tracy believes each person has seven angels, each with a different task, each assigned at birth, to help each individual move through life's journey. In her lectures and private readings, Tracy talks in detail about the angles and their responsibilities and the effects the angels have on souls on earth. Tracy believes religion is "man made" but that spirits are "God given." She feels people should respect religious values, but tries to help them tap into their spirituality, with help from their angels and God. Tracy believes the power of body, mind, and spirit, working together in alignment, help individuals find their way and purpose on earth.

Tracy has been featured on B.B.C. International Radio, Channel 8 and Channel 10 News in San Diego, as well as the Jeff and Jer early morning radio talk show.  Tracy has lectured around the United States and is the Co-founder of Soul-Sister's, a spiritual woman's group with chapters located in Souther California.

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