Tracy has been giving private consultations to clients for more than 30 years. All of her clients have found her by word of mouth, friends telling family members of their experience. Just recently, Tracy has decided to extend her reach online to help individuals find their way through these hard times. Through the years, Tracy has learned to pray and ask God to turn on and off the gift at appropriate times. She is a pure channel and uses no outward instruments, relying solely on prayer, the voice of God and her clients' angels. Each session is digitally recorded, whether it's done via Skype or in person.

The 30 Minute Session - $100

Tracy recommends a 30 minute reading for existing clients that want to ask their guides or angles about a specific question or incident occurring in their life.

​The 60 Minute Session - $185

Tracy recommends individuals who need guidance and that have a multitude of questions seek a 60 minute reading. During a 60 minute reading Tracy will speak to your guides or angles allowing them to provide in-depth and detailed guidance to you. During your 60 minute session Tracy might guide you through your past lives, your present life, and what the future holds. Your reading might even connect you with past loved ones on the other side. Its quite difficult for Tracy to stay within even a one hour time frame, but she will give you as much information as time warrants.

The 75 Minute Session - $225

Tracy recommends couples and families take her 75 minute session. During a 75 minute reading Tracy will provide mini sessions up to four people during one 75 minute session. This session is perfect for families that are in grief or getting ready for a family member who is going to transition to the other side. This package is also great for small parties or family events located within the Ft. Myers area.

If a telephone or Skype session is booked a client will need to hold onto a object for a couple of days, mail it to Tracy before the consultation, allowing Tracy to draw your energy. The object is then returned back to the client at no additional fee. No under garments are accepted.

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