Tracy Turner, a business intuitive provides insight to ideas, strategies, partnerships and career moves for business owners as well as employees.

Astute business people from all professions have come to Tracy for insight to business opportunities, potential partnerships, and finding focus within existing companies as well as help in determining if certain employees are well suited for certain projects or positions.

Tracy helps those looking for career moves to find their best avenues for growth or even change careers. She feels sometimes our past lives and our karmic ties give reasons as to why we choose the careers we take in this lifetime. Sometimes our dream job is one that may have reflected a past life or is on our blueprint for the future.

Tracy also attracts people in the entrainment and writings field. She has guided people in new and upcoming projects, and has helped several writers on manuscripts. Tracy manages to give clear concise information that is said to "hit the nail on the head."

Some people are just looking for business and career change and some people are looking for business opportunities and clarity. Tracy's philosophy on this subject has always been, "It's not just about the prosperity and success, or the point of reaching the success. It's about the journey getting to the accomplishment, the bumps in the road and the faith that is renewed along the way." Clients have come from as far away as Japan for her intuitive business insights with interpreters by their side. Most shake their heads and say, "We don't know how she does it, but she does, Wow!"

Tracy may help plot the path to success, but that success must be ultimately achieved by each person. Her rewards are by the letters and call of confirmation.

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