Tracy provides information on past life ties and present relationship along with insights into future relationships.

Tracy has the ability to look at individual family members and these relationships to observe the bonds - past and present; finished and unfinished. Clients are offered detailed information up to a point - no knowledge is offered that might interfere with the person's journey in life. Tracy does provide the road to take to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. Tracy also provides information on all types of relationship issues, including co-workers, friends, family members and those who have passed to the other side.

Career paths and choices are also a karmic relationship or agreement. Tracy assist clients by providing closure with completed karmic ties and providing new insight into new career paths by knowing that their karma is complete with those around them in their workplace. As a part of being an intuitive Tracy has an innate way of turning someone who is depressed and negative into someone positive by showing in karma what we give out comes back 10 fold.

She believes we live within cycles and we need to be aware of our cycles as we are aware of the changes within us. The life cycles are made up of 7 year increments. Knowing where you are in your cycle is a important as knowing who you are. Being in the moment makes us accountable for ourselves in business relationship as well as personal relationships.

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