Tracy works with clients throughout their cycles of life.

Pre-Birth and Birth: Tracy has a 90% accuracy rate for predicting the best times to conceive, even with those with infertility problems. Tracy does not claim to play God, but when she feels the spirit of the other side she relays the messages about the bit to come. Tracy stands behind the belief that all births are miracles. She offers to be in the room at the time of birth if so desire for a special bond of prayer for the child and the family.

Childhood: Tracy works with children of all ages including special needs children whose everyday lives are challenged by physical, menial and emotional issues. Tracy helps children deal with fears and anxieties by introducing them to their angels, teachers, and guides on the other side and by breaking down communication barriers and allowing for the caregivers of these children to have a better understanding of the child's fears and concerns. Tracy can also help all children map a course for their future on various levels, including humanitarian, spiritual, and educational.

Adulthood: Tracy works with adults to find their path and guide them to where they need to be. Tracy has assisted unemployed individuals in the past who are in "transition" by guiding them with career advice, allowing clients to achieve their dream job and live there life to the fullest.

Pre- and Post-Crossing: Tracy assists individuals who are going through the transition to the after life. She counsels Aids, Cancer, Coma-Patients and others challenged by illnesses. She has a keen intuition, knowing when the transition phase has begun and then works forward until the phase is completed.

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